Design your future in architecture with our expert-led training sessions.

Shape your architectural future with our expert-led training – where creativity meets guidance for a successful career in design.

Well Planned Courses

We intend to meet the emerging demands of architecture professionals and prepare the participants for a successful career in Architecture and Civil Engineering for various industries.

Best Experienced Mentors

To provide best advice on professional development and advancement, thus enhancing qualities and overcoming weaknesses.

Integrated Technology and Unparallel Content

Emphasize strong technical, scientific skills to the trainees thus creating professionals, well grounded in the principles of scientific and technical documentation also.

Over 15 Years of Experience

CCAE has created a platform conducive for growth, promotion and partnering in the field of Architecture and Civil Engineering bringing together industries, students, academia and government through educative processes.

Workshop So Far

Designing High-Performance Buildings with Passive Strategies and Software Tools
Ecotect Workshop: Hands-On Training for Building Energy Modeling with Ecotect Software
Creating Sustainable and Healthy Buildings: A Workshop on Natural Ventilation and Building Optimization


"Pretty relevant Workshop, considering my pHD is oriented to the interoperability between BIM software and BEM tools (like Ecotech).Excellent work and explanations."

- Andrés Jonathan Guizar Dena, Phd Scholar, Spain

"Very much helpful,Very informative workshop"

-Herbert Sinduja J, Phd Scholar, India

"The workshop is important. I am a professor in school of architecture, Many thanks to mentor"

-Chaimae El Fouas, Professor, National School of Architecture, Morocco

Areas of potential contribution include


i. Make use of available equipment to create products in a variety of fields such as Nanotechnology, biotechnology and other emerging sciences.

ii. Assist in the development of prototypes using cutting-edge technology.


i. Concentrate on problem solving, including design thinking elements.

ii. Instilling a solution-oriented mindset.


i. Put a focus on developing soft skills holistically, learning from mistakes, and developing the self-motivation to pursue excellence.

ii. Encourage participants to develop a business plan in order to establish long-lasting and prosperous businesses.


i. To change mindset and behavior, eliminate bias and stereotypes.

ii. Assist the youth and researchers in participating in workshop & Training activities by offering advice and support, running races, boot camps, etc.

Combine your skills and interests for financial success !

Impart knowledge in the areas of your choice

Choose the subjects you want to teach, allowing you to utilize your knowledge and skills to the fullest.

Schedule lessons at your convenience

Ability to set your own schedule, so you can balance your teaching with other commitments and responsibilities.

Receive fair and attractive remuneratio

With competitive pay, you can be motivated and incentivized to continue growing and improving as a mentor.

"In the world of architecture, every structure tells a story, narrating the aspirations of a society, the ingenuity of its creators, and the timeless dialogue between form and function."

- Frank Lloyd Wright