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The Centre for Construction & Architectural Excellence(CCAE) is a unique unified platform that focuses on providing resources and information related to the construction and architectural industries as well as aims to be a comprehensive source of knowledge for individuals who are interested in learning more about these fields.

The goal of CCAE is to promote excellence and innovation in the construction and architectural industries by providing valuable information and resources to Professionals, Research Scholars, Academicians, Architects, and Students

CCAE offers a range of content related to construction and architecture, including Articles, Guides, Journals, Books, and Videos. It covers various topics such as building design, project management, construction techniques, sustainability, and more.

Additionally, the CCAE website also provides information about training programs, certifications, and events related to the construction and architecture industries. It serves as a platform for industry professionals to connect, collaborate, and share knowledge.

  Why CCAE?

At CCAE, we understand that there are many factors to consider when choosing where to publish your research. We believe that our publication model offers distinct advantages compared to other leading options, including:

  • Hybrid Open Access: Our publication model follows a hybrid Open Access approach, which allows readers to access published articles for free while also providing authors with the option to publish their work without any charges. This ensures that research reaches a wider audience for reading, reprinting, and distributing, facilitating academic and research activities.
  • Immediate Access: Abstracts and full texts of all published articles can be accessed immediately in HTML, XML, and PDF formats, making it easy for readers to access and engage with your research.
  • Citation Tracking: Citations are easy to track through Google metrics and other citation measurement tools available online, which helps to increase the visibility and impact of your research.
  • Standard Peer Review Process: Our scholarly journals strictly adhere to a standard peer review process before accepting any citable manuscript for publication, ensuring that high-quality research is published.
  • Up-to-Date Database: Our journals maintain an up-to-date database of all the latest developments in the respective fields, ensuring that manuscripts published in our journals reach their readers directly through email.
  • Easy Online Tracking: We provide options for easy online tracking of manuscripts throughout the publication process, from reviewing to acceptance/non-acceptance and payment.
  • Archived Online Publications: Archived online publications of our periodicals provide the international scientific community with immediate and permanent access to individual research articles, ensuring that your research is accessible and discoverable for years to come.

CCAE’s publication model offers several advantages compared to other leading publishing options, making it an excellent choice for authors looking to make their research widely accessible and impactful.

 Special Features

Our publication platform offers several special features that make it an excellent choice for authors looking to publish their research:

  • High-Quality Peer Review: Our publication platform offers all the benefits of traditional peer review, but with updated processes that make the review process more detailed, thoughtful, and constructive. With over 300 dedicated editors handling your article, and two or more reviewers providing in-depth reviews, you can be confident that your research is receiving the attention it deserves.
  • Rapid Review Process: We understand that authors are eager to see their work published quickly, which is why our rapid review process takes only 18 days. This means that your research can be published and disseminated to the scientific community in a timely manner.
  • Academic Networking: Our platform offers social networking features that make it easy to share your research with others. This helps to increase the visibility and impact of your work, ultimately contributing to the advancement of your field.
  • Immediate Publication: Once your research has been accepted, it will be published immediately, ensuring that your work is accessible to others as soon as possible.
  • Indexing in Major Indexing Services: Our platform ensures that your research is indexed in major indexing services, making it easy for others to find and cite your work.
  • SJIF Impact Factor: Our platform offers an SJIF Impact Factor, which provides a measure of the impact and influence of your research.
  • In-House Software: Our Internal Management System (IMS) offers robust data records of articles and the editorial board, ensuring that your research is managed effectively and efficiently.
  • No Cost for Publishing: We do not charge any fees for publishing articles in our subscription-based journals, making it easy for authors to share their research with others.

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