Architecture is an authentic feature that reflects the physical, social, cultural and artistic characters of a region and hence the nation. In the present times, when there is an actual need of inclining towards the nationality; maintaining and preserving architecture is among the important tools. Tangibly and intangibly, there is a need to strengthen society. Architecture is of versatile importance. It has art, innovation, strength, beauty, social and national significance.

An ideal building is designed and maintained well. No compromise should be made while purchasing materials and equipments which are to be used in the building.  Architectural advice should always be invited. Seeking an architect’s or designer’s advice and guidance saves money, space, time and undoubtedly not just a building but architecture is created. Then comes, maintenance which is about preventing damages, decay, looking after the structure and providing strength for today and the future.

On the other hand, preserving the heritage and ancient buildings is also important. Preserving and maintaining architecture is a regard to the efforts of all who designed and created it. It is also a respect to the client’s and nation’s money that was spent during the construction. It is a strong entity for the pride and grace of the region, country and its people. A building may fail soon if its maintenance is ignored and same is the case with our social build-up; both needs good designing and maintenance. A well maintained system will not face any malfunctioning and minimizes the risk of accidents and failures.

Not only architects, but the society equally plays an important role in maintenance and preservation of the architecture whether heritage or modern. So, we can create  a difference from now onwards  in ourselves and in society too by being alert and active in keeping our surroundings and our nation  strong and healthy without bothering what others think and do. It is good and very easy to be a nation man like this.

” There are many  who are always wet and cold

to prevent us from bullets and bombs.

Not everyone can be a soldier but

love for nation can be there in everyone. ”

Author Details :

Ar Pearl Batra Sanduja


Practicing Architect in Haryana

Former Design Professor at Gateway College of Architecture & Design, Sonepat ( Haryana)

Former Architect at ND Associates, Sector 12, Sonepat

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