CCAE is a body that brings together architectural, structural, and the builder’s community to find new ways of delivering the infrastructure of the future. CCAE membership provides a unique opportunity for an individual or an organization and its professionals to engage and drive thought leadership in activities, forums and industry groups. CCAE members address current challenges, build strategies for the future and share best practices, with the overall objective of building a growth-led competitive and sustainable advance technology Industry.

We welcome those from across the whole industry spectrum – from engineers to academicians, procurement and legal experts, to architects, builders and surveyors.

To join our Membership mail us on: [email protected].

Membership Program

Individual/Student Membership: CCAE understands the importance of continuing education, which is why CCAE members will enjoy a variety of opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills of the current industry. Members can take advantage of discounts given by CCAE.

Student's Membership

Students will get the wide range of learning and networking opportunities to enhance their professional development. Read More...

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Faculty's Membership

Students Will Get The Wide Range Of Learning And Networking Opportunities To Enhance Their Professional Development. Read more...

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Corporate's membership

CCAE Has The Greatest Breadth Of Experience And Depth Of Expertise Across All Aspects Of Architecture And Construction Engineering. CCAE Corporate Membership Enables You To Gain Profile And Network Opportunities Across A Broad Cross-Section Of Interested Parties, Assisting In Anticipating Market Requirement, Creating Opportunities And Developing Your Business Needs. Read more...

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Institutional's membership

Institutional Membership Is Open To Universities And Colleges, Institutes And Research Centers That Are Engaged In Providing Services In The Field Of Architecture. Read More.....

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professional membership

Centre of Excellence: Construction and Architectural Engineering professional members are faculty members, architects, builders, scientists, and institutional members.Read more...

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Charter membership

Centre of Excellence: Construction and Architectural Engineering charter members (CMS) are high profile professionals and thought leaders from diverse industries. Read More.....

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