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The Corporate Membership program at CCAE is tailored to businesses and organizations within the construction and architectural industries. It is designed to foster collaboration, provide valuable resources, and promote visibility within the CCAE community.

Give back- As a Corporate Member, your organization contributes to the advancement of the industry by supporting CCAE's initiatives, such as educational programs, community outreach, and research endeavors.

Showcase- Demonstrate your organization's commitment to social responsibility by participating in CCAE's community-focused projects and initiatives. Corporate Members have the opportunity to highlight their CSR efforts through collaborative programs organized by CCAE.

Annual Dues-INR 50,000/- + applicable GST per annum

Benefits of CCAE Institutional Membership:

  • Access to Knowledge Hub: Enjoy full access to CCAE's Knowledge Hub, providing your organization with the latest research, articles, and industry insights.
  • Prominent Showcase Opportunities: Showcase your organization's expertise through exclusive features in CCAE publications and on the CCAE website, enhancing visibility within the architectural community.
  • Networking and Collaboration: Connect with industry leaders, professionals, and other corporate members at CCAE events, fostering collaboration and potential partnerships.
  • Employee Training Discounts: Access exclusive discounts on CCAE's Architectural Skill Programs, providing your employees with valuable training opportunities to enhance their skills.
  • Print Advertisement in Journals: Receive a complimentary print advertisement slot in the upcoming issue of CCAE's prestigious journal, reaching a targeted audience of professionals in the construction and architectural fields.
CCAE Institutional Membership include:

  • Architectural Firms
  • Designers
  • Professionals
  • Researchers
  • Urban Planners
  • Academic Institutions
  • Nonprofit Organizations