CCAE has the greatest breadth of experience and depth of expertise across all aspects of Architecture and Construction Engineering. CCAE Corporate Membership enables you to gain profile and network opportunities across a broad cross-section of interested parties, assisting in anticipating market requirement, creating opportunities and developing your business needs. CCAE membership will unlock this new way of working by giving access to the people, the thinking and the huge resources of a world class institution.

Corporate membership is a unique opportunity not only to support the professional development of your employees but also to enhance your company’s connection with others in the concerned field. By becoming a Corporate Member, companies ensure that their business interests are represented in various events of CCAE.

Benefits of CCAE Corporate Membership:

  • Distinguish Yourself with Professional Credentials
  • Gain access to largest growing network of experts and professionals
  • Network with leaders and innovators at the forefront of Architectural and Building Engineering
  • A platform and opportunity to portray/launch/announce your upcoming products through our products.
  • Broaden your understanding of the built environment
  • Avail discounts on CCAE products (journals, books, workshops and conferences)
  • Opportunity to promote and market your brand by listing the name and logo of the company on the CCAE website
  • Discount on access on online portal of our products
  • Opportunity to collaborate with other industries with various events of CCAE
  • CCAE Corporate members include:

  • Architects
  • Builders
  • Architecture and Construction companies
  • Architectural and Building Societies
  • Surveyors
  • Government Bodies
  • Corporate Membership Packages

    S. No

    Membership Type (According to number of members and benefits)

    Annual Fees (Yearly)


    Diamond (Members between 15-20)



    Gold (Members between 10-15)



    Silver (Members between 5-10)



    Bronze (Members between 1-5)


    • Diamond Membership: 15% discounts in Journals, books and conferences
    • Gold Membership: 10% discounts in Journals, books and conferences
    • Silver Membership: 7.5% discounts in Journals, books and conferences
    • Bronze Membership: 5% discounts in Journals, books and conferences