Institutional Membership is open to universities and colleges, institutes and research centers that are engaged in providing services in the field of Architecture.

Accredited universities and colleges, research & development organizations, consultancy or any organization engaged in providing academic and research services in the field of Civil engineering and Architecture are eligible for CCAE institutional membership.

Benefits of CCAE Institutional Membership

  • Networking opportunities with National as well as Global experts
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Learning & Professional Development
  • Broaden your understanding of the built environment
  • Opportunity to collaborate for organizing technical conferences, seminars/symposia/workshops, etc.
  • Discounts on CCAE products (journals, books, workshops, and conferences)
  • Discount on registration at various events of CCAE
  • Promotion of the Institution by listing its name on the CCAE website
  • Provide the platform to promote and market institutional events to the global audience at the CCAE website

CCAE Institutional membership includes:

  • Architecture Institutions
  • Civil and Construction Engineering Institutions
  • Government Research Institutions

Institutional Membership Packages

S. No

Membership Type (According to number of members and benefits)

Annual Fees (Yearly)


Diamond (Members between 15-20)



Gold (Members between 10-15)



Silver (Members between 5-10)



Bronze (Members between 1-5)



Diamond Membership: 15% discounts on Journals, books, and conferences 

Gold Membership: 10% discounts on Journals, books, and conferences

Silver Membership: 7.5% discounts on Journals, books, and conferences

Bronze Membership: 5% discounts on Journals, books, and conferences