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The Student/Faculty Membership at CCAE is tailored for passionate individuals pursuing studies in architecture, construction, or related fields. Designed to empower the architects of tomorrow, this membership provides exclusive access to resources and opportunities essential for academic and professional growth.

Give back- 

  • Mentorship Programs: Engage in mentorship initiatives connecting students with seasoned professionals for guidance and insights.
  • Educational Workshops: Benefit from specialized workshops focusing on industry trends, technological advancements, and career development.


  • Publication Opportunities: Students can submit articles for publication in CCAE journals, gaining recognition and contributing to the intellectual discourse in the architectural community.
  • Student Spotlights: Periodic features highlighting outstanding achievements, projects, and innovations by student members.

Annual Dues-INR 10,000/- + applicable GST per annum

Benefits of CCAE Student Membership:

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow students, professionals, and industry experts through exclusive networking events and forums.
  • Event Discounts: Enjoy special discounts on CCAE conferences, training programs, and other events.
  • Career Resources: Gain access to job boards, internship opportunities, and career development resources.
CCAE Professional Membership include Students enrolled in programs such as architecture, construction, or closely related fields.